Kev Mo’

Founder member of The Shooters along with Dave Smokestack Lewis RIP
It all started in 2008 when Dave & I and a bottle of Jack came up with the idea of going back to the halcyon days when we played The Blues, anywhere and everywhere.
Seemed a good idea at the time and STILL does today.

We couldn’t have got here without the input of some mighty fine players along the way and a special mention has to go to Johnny Dwyer, who ‘filled in’ for a few gigs….and lasted six years!
He’s now escaped to France and we wish him every good fortune and success.
My influences? None really, plenty of drummers I’ve admired over the years but none I’ve tried to emulate. It did all start with a Sandy Nelson album ‘Let there be drums’, a record way ahead of it’s time.

After auditioning SO many singers and not finding the right person, I decided to take on the role as lead vocalist….and the rest is a mystery!

After twenty years of playing my wonderful 1971 Ludwig I looked for a kit with a more powerful bass drum and found it in my current KD Custom Kit…wow, just wow.
Cymbals are mixture of ‘old skool’ Zildjian, Paiste and my beloved 5star Zyn Hi-Hats.
Onwards and upwards now and exciting times ahead for sure.
Watch this space!