Wayne began his musical life in the theatrical original rock band Caners
in the early 80’s supporting the likes of Ruby Turner and The Cutting Crew on the London circuit.


From there moving on to the midlands pub and club circuits in various
duo’s, trios and bands playing with the Tall Boys, Usual Suspects,
Travelling Shawbury’s and Phoenix Soul. In joining Souled Out he
forged a partnership with the musicians that went on to form both
Bluesberry Jam & Tabasco. Having left Tabasco in 2009 Wayne went on
to join the outrageous and colourful Glam Rock outfit Glambuster.
From 2011 Wayne returned to performing with a reformed  Tabasco.  In late 2012 Wayne co-founded the Rock & Blues trio   “The Blue Eyed Beggars” enjoying success in the UK & Europe.


Now in 2018 Wayne has joined forces with two highly talented musicians
in the highly acclaimed Blues trio “The Shooters” continuing to play the
music he loves. His bluesy voice lends itself perfectly to the songs
performed by the Band along with his Bass guitar growling.

Band History
Caners 1981 1982
Tall Boys 1987 1990
Souled Out 2001 2003
Bluesberry Jam 2003 2005
Glambuster 2009 2010
Tabasco 2006 2015
Blue Eyed Beggars 2012 2016
Shooters 2018


James Jamerson, Donald (Duck) Dunn, John Entwistle, Paul McCartney,

John Paul Jones, Jack Bruce


Guitars: Various American Fender Precision & Jazz Basses, Musicman
Stingray, Rickenbacker 4001, Gibson Victory, Shergold Marathon
Amps: EBS TD650 Amp head, EBS 210 & 300 Cabs, Gallien Kruger
MB800 Amp head, Ashdown MAG300 Amp, Ashdown RM Cab
Effects: Boss ME-50B multi effects board, various Boss pedals